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Box Press

Jul 26, 2019

Featured guest Klaas Kelner, Sr. Brand Ambassador at Davidoff of Geneva USA, shares his upbringing as the son of Davidoff's master blender Henke Kelner and what his role as Brand Ambassador really means.

What are they smoking? (0:38)
How many different tobaccos are normally in a cigar (01:17)
$500 Dollar Cigar that has...

Jun 21, 2019

Featured guest Brian Andrews, Founder of Privada Cigar Club, shares his thoughts on the impact of monthly cigar subscriptions services. Are they the future? Are they a fad? Is there room for more than one? Brian and Rob sit down with a very unique cigar and discuss it all on this episode of Box Press.

Indoor Vs. Outside...

May 13, 2019

Featured guest Enrique Seijas, co-owner/co-founder of Matilde Cigars, shares the origin story of the Matilde brand along with how his family's values are deeply rooted within the brand and the cigars themselves.

Interview Overview by Rob Gagner, Box Press host. (0:27)
How did Matilde start and Enrique's father, Jose...

Apr 15, 2019

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Featured guest Pete Johnson, President of Tatuaje Cigars, talks about the origin story of Tatuaje Cigars. We discuss everything from Pete's first job in the cigar industry to his new wine and his Monster Series Nightmare. So light up a cigar and enjoy...

Feb 7, 2019

Featured guests Pete Johnson, President of Tatuaje Cigars, and Jon Huber, President of Crowned Heads, discuss how they created their own lane in the industry. They are themselves, and they truly live by the motto "if you try to do things that everybody likes, you won't do things that people actually LOVE". Both Pete and...